To Do

  • Business User: logoDisplay on detailed view
  • Agent and Business Directories — installed, but need tweaking
  • Agent view(s) — either one view sorted by premium/basic, or two views using the same query filter (support ticket at Toolset)
    two views on same page, submit button NOT ajax
  • Pages to display full details and map (Premium and Business users)
  • Test Renewal — Basic, Premium, Business
  • Deep Dive on all Premium and Business fields
  • Premium Add: update_user_meta for display_name
  • All forms – add “wpcf-moniker” to forms, views, and forms css to replace WP use of “nickname” (i.e. don’t use nickname)
  • Corporate Membership
  • Email reminders for renewals, expiration
  • Notification emails for all forms (not necessary for Updates)
    Basic Add, Renewal, Upgrade, Cancel
    Premium Add, Renewal, Downgrade, Cancel
    Business Add, Renewal, Cancel
  • Fine tune page descriptions for all form pages
  • Mailchimp integration
  • See if New Expiration Date shortcode can be added to “Thank You” on paid forms.
  • “Thank you” message for each $$ form — this goes at the receipt. Probably “Thank you for your order. Please print this page for your records.”
  • Compare Basic to Premium