Why OIP?

Why would you pick an OIP Real Estate Agent?

Real Estate agents come in all flavors -

  • Buyers Agents (they represent buyers),
  • Sellers Agents (they represent sellers),
  • General agents (they represent buyers or sellers),
  • Niche specialists (they focus their marketing efforts in a specific niche - new home buyers, relocation, seniors, Geographical (Eugene, Springfield, Thurston Hills, Cottage Grove, Waterfront)
Some Realtors claim to be "Internet Marketing Specialists". What does that mean? The Internet is the primary sources for many people looking for homes. That means that Buyers view the Internet as a place to find ideas, properties, research schools, and even find the Realtor they intend to work with.

OIP provides a wide ranges of services to buyers, including access to all types of listings (homes, rentals, commercial properties, even hotel and motel rentals). OIP provides information and links to properties, agents and even service companies that buyers and sellers alike might find a need for.

Unless an Agent is part of the OIP network, their "Internet marketing" isn't geared toward providing information about properties to prospective buyers or even toward advertising the listings they have - it's geared toward capturing leads. That's not a bad thing, but an Agent's Lead Capturing program isn't what Buyers and Sellers are concerned about.

Here's how OIP is different.

First, OIP is at the top of search engines for most local, real estate related keywords. That means that Buyers will find us. Other website have to pay for "sponsored links", and only 15% of Internet surfers pay attention to "sponsored links". This translates in a lot of traffic to our website each month from people looking for homes.

Second, as mention above, most Internet websites are "lead generators". That is, they require the prospective buyer to input their email address to obtain information about properties. OIP provides complete information and doesn't require prospects to divulge their identity or email address to obtain information that is freely available elsewhere.

Third, OIP provides addresses, maps and complete information about each property. That way, prospects can identify and research properties anonymously - something that many of us appreciate.

Contrast this approach to the "Internet Specialists" who require a prospect's email address to show them addresses. Which would you rather do - research properties yourself, drive the neighborhoods ... or be required to call for information and get the big "pitch" in the process? OIP puts *YOU* in the driver's seat - call the Realtor when you're ready.

Fourth, OIP facilitates it's agent members in many other ways. We provide free links to Virtual Tours, extra pictures, and much more. Because we're also an ISP (Internet Service Provider), we can provide complete websites for specialized properties.

The benefits of complete information to the Buyer are obvious. This translates in benefits to the Seller as well. When you list with an OIP member:

  • You know that your property will get the most Internet exposure possible (all MLS members get the same general exposure - unless they're OIP members);
  • You know that your Agent's marketing efforts include 24/7 advertising to anyone, anywhere looking for properties in our area (OIP is at the top of Search Engines)
  • You know that your Property information is always fresh and accurate (OIP downloads from the MLS daily, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year);

Keep these points in mind whether you're buying or selling. No website gives as much exposure to your properties as OIP. No Agent can give you more quality Internet exposure than an OIP member Real Estate agent. No matter what they tell you.